November 6, 2021

 Joan Talks about her books as part of the 2021 International Dublin Writer’s       

Cover for Secret Desires by J L Regen

Joan at the NJEA  Conference 11/5/2021

Joan was guest presenter at the New Jersey Education Association Conference at the  Atlantic City Convention Center for two presentation groups.  The topic was: “How to Keep Students Engaged in a Pandemic”

Secret Desires is still in demand! 

Amber Daulton interviews Secret desires heroine , Margo. Follow this link to the interview:

Workshop on Second Chances in Love

Hear Joan read a passage from her contemporary romance Secret Desires in which Edward and Margo commit to love.  Whether you are newly divorced, separated, or widowed , Joan will motivate you to take a second chance on love.   Your special someone is waiting for you.  You just have to turn the right corner.  She’s waiting for your email.  Here is her contact information:

October 9, 2021

Secret Desires

Secret desires is still hot!  Just sold  all the way over in Oregon. A big Thank You to Jan’s and Lori  Bookstore!

Cover for Secret Desires by J L Regen

October 1, 2021

Military Writers Society of America

Hello World:

I am proud to announce the publication of my short story, Dignity, in the Military Writers Society of America’s 2021 Anthology.
For copies of my work, please contact Red Engine Press (Pittsburgh, PA/
I am thrilled to contribute to an anthology that is dedicated to men and women who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces.
Joan Ramirez
niece of a WWII medic veteran

September 21, 2021

7 Answers from an


(First appeared on

On occasion, I will post a short, informative interview with an indie author (or someone in the publishing business), so that we can learn from different perspectives. This week, self-published author Joan Ramirez is featured.

Joan holds a master of science in business, medical, and technical journalism as well as two other degrees in ESL and education. She has published on a variety of topics, from cochlear implants to the economy, and has conducted workshops—domestic and foreign—on the nuances of business communications for managers and start-up companies. She is the leader of her own enterprise with training programs for entrepreneurs—all levels—and has published three books: The Write Rules: Technical Writing/Presentation and English as a Second Language Guide, Jamie Is Autistic: Learning in a Special Way, and Go for It Leadership Handbook for All Students.

1)    How long did it take you to write your most recent book, and what do you miss about it now that it’s finished?

It took me a few weeks to write The Write Rules because I’ve taught/done everything in it for twenty-five years in the business world. I’m happy it is being used by entrepreneurs and business people.

2)    What’s one book (fiction or nonfiction) that changed your life?

I like Harvey Mackay. He’s so full of wisdom.

3)    What’s one thing you wish you had learned about the writing, publishing, or marketing/promotion process sooner than you actually did?

Patience. Nothing productive that generates revenue happens overnight or even in a year. Substantive efforts take time.

4)    If you could go back in time and talk to the writer you were at the start of your writing journey, what would you say?

Pace yourself. Don’t get frustrated over rejection, because a mistake is a stepping-stone to success.

5)    What’s one thing writers can do right now to improve their writing?

Write what is unique to your expertise and what you want to tell the world. Your message. Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else.

6)    What’s one thing authors can do right now to promote their book?

Talk to audiences whom you feel will be interested. Target those groups whom you are confident will read and use what you have to say for nonfiction and beguile them for fiction.

7)    What’s your next move?

Down the road, I hope to write a series of suspense novels starting in Nazi-occupied Paris (WWII) and a middle-grade book with a Holocaust theme.

I thank Kim for this opportunity.

 Thank you, Joan!

To learn more:

Use this LINK to buy Joan’s book:

September 21, 2021


The Society for editing

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Joan is honored to be represented in ACES Book Corner. ACES is the Society for Editing. (follow the link below)