Wayne Public Library Author Series

Joan was interviewed for her contemporary romance, Secret Desires,  by the brilliant head librarian for Wayne Public Library in NJ today (9/21/23). She is delighted that her novel will be in their collection in English and French.
Soon to be posted to YouTube. 

Historical Novel Society

On 9-20-23 Joan read from her historical short story, Dignity, about a Vietnam veteran’s journey, which was published in a recent MWSA Anthology to the New York City Chapter of
the Historical Novel Society.

One attendee said, “I like your prose.”

Joan published a valuable writing article in Working Writer Magazine

Have the Courage of Your Convictions to Keep On Going If Your Work Is Rejected and Ask WHY
by Joan Ramirez

Indies 2023

I  champion the wonderful work of Independent Bookstores!
Joan Ramirez, Author Fiction/Non Fiction

Lectures & Lecturers- June 26, 2023

Joan spoke this morning in a panel webinar from Israel on Faces of Resistance: Women in the Holocaust.

How young girls kept their faith in Hashem and helped the Resistance.   This topic is important for students to explore in depth.