Write Rules selling in India!

I’m so excited:
The Write Rules, my writing handbook, is selling in India.


It’s Live!

You can now view this website on your cell phone and your PC!


The Writer’s Tool Shed

“What the hell are you doing here? Aren’t you in enough trouble back home?” Big Louie asked.  By Joan Ramirez

Hello: I’m so proud to tell you that my two-sentence opening to my Work in Progress that will be a thriller has been published online in The Writer’s Toolshed by the brilliant UK maestro, Richie Billings.


Cardinal Rule Press

Joan is now published by Cardinal Rule Press. Check out her article (1226-22) on their blog post:  Literacy Activities to Empower Elementary School Students

Joan reviews second book for Mystery Readers Journal (Vol 38, #4, Winter 2022)

Joan reviewed a second book for Mystery Readers Journal, The Vanished Collection by Pauline Baer de Perignon. By the way, my bio at the conclusion of the review was truncated.  It should read: Joan has finished Book One in her historical suspense series and has moved on to Books Two and Three.

Empty Spaces by Joan Ramirez 

I am so proud that my poem, Empty Spaces, is in the next  Anthology of the International Women’s Writing Guild