Autism Awareness Month

I would like to give a round of applause to all of the Autistic students for Autism Awareness Month, which is coming up in April.

Association for Special Sales

 I am pleased to report that The Write Rules, my entrepreneurial handbook ,  is now available from the APSS Bookstore.

Fragrance Day

I have a passion for perfume. I intend to immerse myself in fragrance debuts on March 21 when I will join industry professionals to celebrate Fragrance Day. I’m excited to try many samples.
On another scintillating note: Gear up for Book One in my Historical Suspense series as well as my WWII family drama and my Middle Grade Holocaust/Bullying novels-now under agent review
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Notes from Booklife Indie Author  Conference- February 25, 2023

If you’re a self-published author, this conference is something to put on your calendar for next year.

This is a cordial group of speakers who offer helpful information.

One of the most informative sessions was the Marketing Strategies with the following tips:

  1. Have a mailing list.
  2. Partnerships are helpful
  3. A marketing plan is essential.

Mistakes that Authors Make (but you won’t after attending this event and reading this post):

  1. Not approaching book writing as a business
  2. Not having a budget.
  3. Brand early–essential
  4. Place your book in the right category.
  5. Pricing counts
  6. Have a Social Media Platform and work it.
  7. Network with fellow authors—be genre specific.
  8. Go where your readers are.
  9. Do articles for free to get a foot in the door.
  10. Think about T-shirts and Mugs’ promo for your books.
  11. Synergy launches—serve the same audience. So much to say. Please Google this one.
  12. Book Funnel account for low budgets
  13. Endorsements—write your own for people who will review but don’t have time to compose one.

Write Rules selling in India!

I’m so excited:
The Write Rules, my writing handbook, is selling in India.